Holy Incense
  • Holy Incense

    I wish you could smell this through the screen! I love this incense and this is the scent I use at all of our Songwriting Retreats and when I write. Why? Because it set's up the space and says to me "this is important, this is sacred, this is special". 

    This is a smokless, earthy incense. You use it in a regular oil burner with not water. As it gently heats, a beautiful aroma is released.


    For Peace

    Fill your chosen environment with this pure, cleansing and inspiring fragrance. Smoke inhaled from chosen plants, resins and pure essential oils blended in this natural incense will evoke a reverent atmosphere for both festive and ritual occasions. Ideal for creating your own sacred space for meditation, yoga or self enquiry and enhancing your spiritual journey.


    Ingredients: frankincense, rosemary, orris root, myrrh, sandalwood, bay leaf, cloves, essential oils (bergamot, tangerine, patchouli, amyris). Free from glues and nitrates. Packaging: zip-lock plastic bag inside recyclable cardboard tube.