Breathe: A Songwriter's Retreat Booklet

Breathe: A Songwriter's Retreat Booklet

Who are you?

For the songwriters, poets and musicians, the wannabe’s, used-to-be’s, gunna be’s, established and all those inbetween. For those who need time and space to reconnect with their writing, inner voice and fire. You need to unplug. You are looking for inspiration and fresh ideas. You need to catch your breath. To slow down, observe and reconnect.


You need to retreat. This is for you.


You are here.

Congratulations. You made it. I’m proud of you for taking the time to be intentional about your songwriting. Your craft. I love that you have showed up to this page and I am so stoked to be on this journey with you. My hope is that you set aside some time to sit with this booklet and you have space to breathe, write and feel.


Grab your favourite beverage, your best pen, some comfy pants (I’m quite partial to elastic waistlines these days) and let’s jump in.